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Government policy requires that government institutions consult with the Privy Council Office in all instances where information that may qualify as a Cabinet confidence has been identified in response to a request under the Access to Information Act.

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For access to institutional records, they can contact the deputy minister and arrange to review them on departmental premises. Given the limited time available to Ministers and the importance of clear decisions to government operations, Cabinet business must be conducted efficiently and according to accepted ground rules that are fully understood and respected.

This may mean that, in carrying out this overarching responsibility, the Prime Minister will be involved in matters within the responsibility of individual Ministers.

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This ensures executive control over revenue raising and spending initiatives. Cabinet papers to which access is provided may be read on the premises of the Privy Council Office or the Treasury Board Secretariat as appropriate.

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The Civil Service Code provides a clear, helpful and commendably brief summary of the values that should be common to all civil servants of all grades, and the standards of behaviour that are expected of them. Back to Top III. It is critical to the principle of responsible government that all organizations within the executive be the responsibility of a Minister who is accountable to Parliament for the organization. In case of any wrongdoing or mistake, the minister can be called on to take action to correct the situation, to apologize, and even in some cases to resign from a cabinet position. Cabinet government works through a process of compromise and consensus building, which culminates in a Cabinet decision. The historical struggle for ministerial responsibility was long and difficult, both in the United Kingdom and in Commonwealth countries. Similarly, the term 'Executive' is often used rather loosely to connote several different things. This is the means by which the House formally responds to the Speech from the Throne delivered by the Governor-General at the State Opening of Parliament when the House meets after a general election. Petitions There is a traditional right to petition the House on issues ranging from redress of personal grievances, provided legal remedies have been exhausted, to requests for a change to public policy or the law. Later details suggested that he resigned because he supported the civil servants' actions and because he disagreed with the government accepting the inquiry's conclusions. Cabinet documents must not be photocopied, scanned or transmitted electronically, and they must be carried in a secure briefcase.

As such, the consequences are more severe, in that a member or Minister will lose their position as a member of parliament if the impeachment charges are upheld by the Legislative Assembly. In general, the Act establishes mechanisms to identify and avoid possible conflicts of interest, and, among other measures: requires the provision of a confidential report to the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner on assets and liabilities, former and current activities and those of their spouse and dependent children; outlines rules regarding which assets may or may not continue to be directly managed, and gives direction on how to divest of assets; sets limitations on outside activities, acceptance of gifts, invitations to special events and hospitality, and post-employment activities; and sets out a recusal mechanism to assist Ministers in avoiding conflicts of interest in the performance of their official duties and functions.

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Former Ministers may have access to ministerial records that are transferred to Library and Archives Canada on the premises of Library and Archives Canada. The ultimate responsibility lies with Ministers, and not with civil servants, to decide what information should be made available, and how and when it should be released, whether it is to Parliament, to Select Committees, to the media or to individuals. This means that a member of Parliament can both be an elected representative and a Minister. Mill's view, therefore, the proper function of a representative assembly is "to watch and control the Government; to throw the light of publicity on its acts, to compel a full exposition and justification of all of them which any one considers questionable; to censure them if found condemnable, and, if men who compose the Government abuse their trust, or fulfil it in a manner which conflict with the deliberate sense of the nation, to expel them from office. When a Minister is absent, a designated Minister or Parliamentary Secretary answers for him or her. Most ministerial responsibilities are conferred on Ministers by Parliament through statutes that set out the powers, duties and functions for which the Minister is individually accountable. The Conflict of Interest Act establishes a rigorous statutory regime for all public office holders, including Ministers, Parliamentary Secretaries and exempt staff, administered by the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner. However, in , when 38 IRA prisoners broke out of the Maze prison, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland , James Prior , did not resign, explaining that the break-out was not caused by any policy initiative originating from him. In the case of such organizations, the enabling legislation may vest powers, duties and functions directly in a deputy head or in a body such as a board or commission, although the Minister will in most cases have residual powers, duties and functions.

The second refers to the responsibility of the Government, the danger of political interference with civil servants, the importance of debate rather than control.

The aim is to add all questions within two-and-a-half hours of the end of question time. The answerability of the Executive is direct, continuous, concurrent and day-to-day.

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Replies must be lodged within six working days.

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