Influence of culture in marketing

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Cultural movements and their impact on business and marketing. References 2.

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Many Americans believe that because they have dominated the global marketplace for the better part of a century, an inherent, widespread acceptance of American ideals has taken place.

Terpstra, V. Therefore, designing marketing strategies in such region, age should not be downplayed.

Discuss the impact of culture on international marketing

The impact of global value chain participation on current account balance. African Study Monographs, 22 2 , xvii. The International Journal of Management, 2 3 , iii. These journals were randomly selected from the internet with publication date from to Ekerete supports the view that culture exerts varied influence on marketing strategies. Krueger, D. Journal of Global Marketing, 26 4 , xiii. Sign up now for free to our newsletter. International Journal of Management and Applied Research, 3 4 , Importance of culture in success of international marketing. International Journal of Arts and Humanities, 1 1 , Makasi, A. What is really propelling the globalization of the world markets?

In view of this, some cultures may require different forms of strategies such as quality products, frequent advertisement in local media, ideal pricing structure, reward sales promotion and new product innovations, for a business to succeed. Rao-Nicholson and Khan have asserted that cultural difference must be addressed before firms go global.

how does cultural diversity affect marketing

Clearly language can become a very complicated issue for marketers very quickly!

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Reading: Cultural Factors Shaping the Global Marketing Environment