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Do you support or oppose this plan? To substantiate your response, utilize precise motivations and instances.

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Use reasons and specific examples to support your answer. You have been told that dormitory rooms at your university must be shared by two students. But the independent essay could very easily be 5 paragraphs total, with 3 body paragraphs.

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Decisions can be made quickly, or they can be made after careful thought. Most experiences in our lives that seemed difficult at the time become valuable lessons for the future. In order to determine which new career will be best for her, my friend will need to do some soul-searching first and then look for a job that will include these three ideals.

Others prefer to live in a big city. Calculate your price. Sample answers are supposed to trigger your inspiration and aren't perfect model, so never simply copy them.

Some people prefer to work for a large company. You have the opportunity to visit a foreign country for two weeks. That is, you can choose anything that fits the situation.

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40 Toefl Essay Topics with Samples