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Published, fact-based content favors fair use and includes scholarly analysis in published academic venues. Use content in the public domain, as this content is not in-copyright and is therefore free of all copyright restrictions. Please note, Copyright First Responders assist with questions concerning copyright and fair use, but do not assist with the process of obtaining permission from copyright holders. With the release of Office , the default became a sans serif typeface called Calibri. Save the document. Can you use a thumbnail rather than a full-resolution image? Examining, analyzing, and explicating the material in a meaningful way, so as to enhance a reader's understanding, strengthens your fair use argument. This means fair use may apply to images including photographs, illustrations, and paintings , quoting at length from literature, videos, and music regardless of the format. By default, under copyright law, the author reserves all rights; under a Creative Commons license, the author reserves some rights. The abstract will appear in the online and bound versions of the dissertation and will be published by ProQuest. Email us at nglthesis shsu.

Originally designed for The Times in London, its characters are slightly narrowed, so that more of them can be squished into a newspaper column. Openly-licensed content grants permission up-front for reuse of in-copyright content, provided your use meets the terms of the open license.

master thesis font format mac

Choose Save on the left sidebar. While no specific rules for the format of table headings and figure captions is required, a consistent format must be used throughout the dissertation contact your department for style manuals appropriate to the field.

Choose Save from the left sidebar.

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She occasionally teaches academic writing at the University of New England and often edits academic theses, articles and reports.

Download the file and save it to your computer. Click on Custom Margins.

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