Starbucks business ethics case analysis

Case study of unethical practices in business

So, what does Starbucks do to keep its workers satisfied? It briefs you on how Starbucks came about in and how the company has evolved since then and the importance of defending its image. Starbucks originated in Seattle, Washington in As a part of this programme the brand started cultivating strong relationships with farmers suppliers that were environmentally and socially responsible. There are a few important principles related to ethicality in the supply chain. Customer ethics matter in this era because of their direct relation to your brand image and affect how much your customers love you. One example was a small coffee shop in Boston, MA had been running for 25 years when all of a sudden their property manager would not renew their lease however, the next renters of that property was Starbucks.

Introduction This report focuses on social responsibility issue focusing on stakeholder theory. It believes in helping the farmers it sources from and giving back to them by empowering them. Under the virtue theory Starbucks is once again considered unethical because they opened many of their stores too quickly so that the smaller businesses would go out sooner.

the ceo of starbucks and the practice of ethical leadership case study

However, to build an environment and culture of trust and ethics is essential to make your employees feel truly empowered and satisfied with their jobs. The Arabica coffee that Starbucks sources is different from the regular Arabica.

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However, it has been more than 15 years now and the brand has seen a lot of success in these years. To change this norm and to help the farmers who grew cocoa, Starbucks created its own team to source directly from the farmers. Starbucks calls its employees partners and does everything required to help them live empowered lives. What is it like being ethical with your suppliers? Starbucks' actions are also unethical under the Kantianism theory because they are disregarding small businesses to gain their own profits and being completely selfish. Starbucks employees would hand out free samples of their own coffee right outside of the small coffee shops in their neighborhoods, gaining more business and profit for themselves. Ethics is an important focus area at Starbucks.

Farmers had to apply to the program to become a preferred supplier. Their expansion techniques are not coming from goodwill and they are not rightfully motivated.

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The farmers are also required to adhere to certain rules and remain committed to Starbucks policy of corporate citizenship. Starbucks' high and overpriced coffee is also another ethical issue under the utilitarianism theory.

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Starbucks Business Ethics Case Analysis Essay